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Pronghorn coloring pages feature the fast and graceful pronghorn, an icon of the North American plains. Despite often being called antelope, pronghorns are not true antelopes, though they share similar characteristics. These animals are unique to North America, thriving in open terrains such as grasslands and deserts. Pronghorns are herbivores, grazing on a variety of plants while constantly on the lookout for predators.

What Colors Should I Paint Pronghorn?

Pronghorns have a distinctive coat pattern, with a mix of tan or brown on their bodies, white on their undersides, and distinctive white patches on their necks and faces. Their horns, present in both males and females, are dark and can be colored in shades of black or brown. The males often have a black patch on the lower jaw, adding to their striking appearance.

Interesting Facts about Pronghorn

Pronghorns are the second fastest land animal in the world, capable of speeds up to 60 mph, surpassed only by the cheetah. However, pronghorns can sustain high speeds for miles, unlike cheetahs. Their large eyes provide them with a wide field of vision, essential for spotting predators on the open plains. Interestingly, pronghorns have a unique branching horn structure, which they shed and regrow annually, a characteristic not found in true antelopes. Their incredible speed and endurance are believed to have evolved to escape now-extinct predators that once roamed North America.

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