Choose and free printable Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom coloring pages coloring pages

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom coloring pages whisk children away to a magical land where young Princess Holly, a fairy learning to use her magic, and her best friend Ben Elf, who has no magical powers, embark on enchanting adventures. Together, they explore the kingdom, solve problems, and discover the value of friendship. These pages, free for download and print, offer a glimpse into their whimsical world, inviting fans to color their favorite characters and scenes from the series.

In What Colors to Paint a Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom?

When deciding on colors for Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom pages, the possibilities are as magical as the show itself. Holly’s vibrant pink dress and Ben’s green outfit mirror the lively hues of the Little Kingdom, from the lush greens of the forest to the royal purples and golds of the fairy castle. The colorful cast of friends, including Gaston the Ladybird with his bright red shell, adds to the palette, inviting children to use a mix of colors that reflect the joy and whimsy of Holly and Ben’s adventures. These free, printable pages encourage kids to bring their creativity to the forefront, painting the kingdom in their unique shades.

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