Choose and free printable Brave coloring pages coloring pages

Brave coloring pages immerse children in the mystical Scottish Highlands, where the spirited Princess Merida challenges tradition to carve her own path. The pages depict Merida’s journey of self-discovery and the bond she shares with her family, especially the transformational relationship with her mother, Queen Elinor. Available for free download and print, these coloring pages capture the adventure, magic, and lush landscapes of the animated film, inviting young fans to add their creative touch.

In What Colors to Paint a Brave?

Coloring Brave offers a palette as rich and varied as the Scottish setting itself. Merida’s fiery red hair and emerald green dress stand out against the more muted tones of the ancient forests and mystical wisps. The royal tartans of the clans introduce a spectrum of colors, from deep blues and greens to vibrant reds. Children can explore the natural beauty of the highlands with earthy browns, greens, and grays, bringing the story’s magical and adventurous spirit to life on each page.