Choose and free printable Calimero coloring pages coloring pages

Calimero coloring pages capture the adventures of the charming little black chick known for his iconic eggshell hat. Alongside his friends Priscilla and Pierrot, Calimero navigates through various challenges and mysteries, often dealing with themes of fairness and justice. These free coloring pages, available for download and print, provide a canvas for children to explore Calimero’s world, coloring in his escapades in the vibrant settings of his community.

In What Colors to Paint a Calimero?

Coloring Calimero invites a mix of classic and imaginative colors. Calimero’s distinctive black feathers and white eggshell can be complemented with a variety of backgrounds and settings that reflect the storyline of each page. The characters around him, like Priscilla’s soft yellow and Pierrot’s blue attire, add diversity to the palette. These free, printable pages allow children to experiment with colors, from the bright and bold to the soft and subtle, bringing their own version of Calimero and his adventures to life.

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