Choose and free printable Disney Amphibia coloring pages coloring pages

Disney Amphibia coloring pages introduce children to Anne Boonchuy, a 13-year-old who finds herself in a fantastical marshland full of talking amphibians after stealing a mysterious music box. This animated series explores themes of friendship, bravery, and self-discovery. These free coloring pages, available for print and download, allow fans to bring Anne’s adventures to life, along with her friends Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop.

In What Colors to Paint Disney Amphibia?

The world of Amphibia is awash with the lush greens of its swampy landscape, providing a vibrant background for the characters. Anne can be colored in her school uniform’s blues and greens, reflecting her earthly origins, while her frog friends display a range of greens, yellows, and browns characteristic of their species. This wide color spectrum offers children the chance to experiment with hues, bringing creativity to the fore as they delve into the magical world of Disney Amphibia.

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