Choose and free printable Flushed Away coloring pages coloring pages

Flushed Away coloring pages plunge children into the animated adventure of Roddy, a high-society rat, who finds himself in the bustling underground world of Ratropolis. After being flushed down from his posh Kensington home, he teams up with Rita, a resourceful scavenger. Together, they navigate through dangers and discoveries, aiming to thwart the villainous Toad’s plans. These free pages, available for print and download, provide a thrilling backdrop for children to explore themes of courage and friendship.

In What Colors to Paint Flushed Away?

The coloring scheme for Flushed Away embraces a wide range of urban and aquatic colors. Roddy’s sophisticated world above contrasts with the vibrant, chaotic hues of Ratropolis below. Shades of blue and green dominate the sewer scenes, reflecting the watery environment and the makeshift aspects of the rats’ city. The characters themselves—Roddy in his dapper attire and Rita with her practical gear—offer a mixture of earth tones and brighter accents. These free downloadable coloring pages encourage children to experiment with such contrasts, bringing depth and excitement to the scenes.

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