Choose and free printable Galinha Pintadinha coloring pages coloring pages

Galinha Pintadinha coloring pages introduce children to the beloved Brazilian animated series known for its captivating songs and vibrant characters. The central figure, Galinha Pintadinha, along with her friends Pintinho Amarelinho, Galo Carijó, and Borboletinha, brings traditional Brazilian nursery rhymes to life. These free pages, available to print and download, are perfect for children to explore their creativity while engaging with the music and stories that have charmed audiences worldwide.

In What Colors to Paint Galinha Pintadinha?

The vivid world of Galinha Pintadinha calls for a palette as bright and cheerful as the characters themselves. Galinha Pintadinha, with her distinctive blue hue and polka dots, invites a playful mix of colors. Pintinho Amarelinho, as his name suggests, shines in sunny yellow tones. The other characters, from the green Galo Carijó to the delicate shades of Borboletinha the butterfly, allow children to dive into a rainbow of possibilities. These free, downloadable coloring pages for children not only spark imagination but also celebrate the rich, colorful heritage of Brazilian culture.

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