Choose and free printable Gloria coloring pages coloring pages

Gloria coloring pages feature the beloved hippopotamus from the Madagascar animated film series. Showcasing her strength and warmth, Gloria navigates adventures with her zoo friends, Alex, Marty, and Melman, as they find themselves from New York to the wild landscapes of Madagascar. These free pages, ready for print and download, provide children an engaging way to connect with Gloria’s character, capturing her moments of joy, friendship, and discovery.

In What Colors to Paint Gloria?

When bringing Gloria to life on the page, various shades of gray and touches of pink around her mouth and ears can capture her physical characteristics accurately. The diverse settings of the Madagascar adventures—from the lush greens of the jungle to the sandy tones of the beach—offer a backdrop that can be filled with a wide spectrum of colors. These free, downloadable coloring pages for children invite them to add their artistic touch to Gloria and her surroundings, using a palette that reflects the vibrancy and dynamic nature of her adventures.

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