Babar coloring pages invite children into the gentle and wise world of Babar the Elephant, who rises from humble beginnings to become the beloved king of Celesteville. Alongside his family and friends, Babar’s tales are filled with lessons on kindness, understanding, and overcoming challenges. These pages, free to print and download for children, offer a canvas to bring the colorful adventures and heartwarming stories of Babar and his kingdom to life.

In What Colors to Paint Babar?

Babar is traditionally seen in his green suit and red bow tie, a symbol of his gentle leadership. The vibrant world of Celesteville calls for a broad palette: Queen Celeste in her pink dress, the children, Pom, Flora, and Alexander, in their youthful attire, and the lush greens of the kingdom’s landscapes. The myriad of characters and scenes provide an opportunity to use a wide range of colors, reflecting the rich narrative and visual diversity of the Babar series.

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