Choose and free printable Princess Aurora coloring pages coloring pages

Princess Aurora coloring pages unfold the timeless tale of Sleeping Beauty, capturing the elegance and grace of one of Disney’s most beloved princesses. Against the backdrop of her story—a tale of magic, malevolent curses, and true love’s kiss—these pages bring forth moments of beauty, adventure, and romance. Available for free to print and download, they offer a portal into Aurora’s world, where every child can add their touch of magic with colors.

In What Colors to Paint Princess Aurora?

The palette for Princess Aurora traditionally includes the soft pastels of her royal gown—pinks and blues that change with the fairy godmothers’ whims. Her golden hair, contrasted with her delicate features, can be highlighted to reflect her gentle nature. The vibrant flora of the enchanted forest, the deep hues of the castle, and the fiery dragon offer a contrast to Aurora’s serenity. These free, downloadable coloring pages for children invite them to experiment with both bold and soft colors, bringing to life the fairy tale’s magic and the diverse characters that inhabit Princess Aurora’s story.

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