Choose and free printable Gravity Falls coloring pages coloring pages

Gravity Falls coloring pages invite children to depict the summer escapades of Dipper and Mabel Pines. Stationed with their Great Uncle Stan in a unique corner of the Pacific Northwest, they unravel a series of supernatural mysteries. These free pages, available for print and download, allow young fans to engage creatively with the series’ rich narrative and character ensemble.

In What Colors to Paint Gravity Falls?

Embellishing Gravity Falls requires a vibrant palette to reflect its lively and mysterious atmosphere. Essential hues include the bright blue of Dipper’s cap and the rainbow array of Mabel’s sweaters. The natural settings demand lush greens and earthy browns, with splashes of spectral colors for the show’s fantastical elements. This selection of free, downloadable coloring pages for children encourages a dynamic approach to coloring, mirroring the adventurous spirit of Gravity Falls.

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